Solo Female Travel Destinations

6 min readJan 27, 2021


Are you considering some of the solo female travel destinations in the world? Solo female travelers are usually a bit savvy about choosing their holiday adventure. They do a good job of choosing activities that are appropriate for their individual tastes and don’t try to spend too much time in a place that is basically a theme park. Safety is a big concern for solo female travelers, so an equally important consideration to help ensure you avoid chaos, madness, and insane behavior at every turn while determining whether a city is on the top ten places to travel solo is to make sure it is not a place you will likely stay too long.

There are actually quite a few solo female travel destinations out there that will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. One of my personal favorites is Sri Lanka. I have been to Sri Lanka twice now, once as a single lady on a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia, and once as a full-time traveler who took in the beautiful island country as a backpacker. The first time I went there I remember thinking how beautiful everything was, how lovely the beaches were, and how serene the entire place was. Since then, I have wanted to go back just to experience everything again, and now I am in desperate need of solo female holiday spots that I can visit from the land down under!

The List of Solo Female Travel Destinations:

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country that is full of sunny weather, gorgeous beaches, and interesting things to do. If you are an independent traveler, you can easily spend weeks exploring the various historical sites, temples, national parks, and wildlife reserves, as well as doing plenty of water sports, relaxing, eating out at fancy restaurants, and more. If you want to explore alone, you can, but the better option would be to explore the island as a group, with at least one other female traveler. You will not only have the chance to explore everything together, but you will also find that it is easier to plan activities as a group because you know exactly what you are getting yourself into and where you are going. More details here.

  1. One of the most popular solo female traveler’s destinations around the world is Bali, Indonesia. There are so many beautiful beaches, beautiful islands, amazing temples, and other interesting sights to see when you explore this beautiful country. The primary cities like Seminyak, Kuta, Jimbaran, and Canggu are a great place to start your exploration because they offer fantastic beaches, some really wonderful temples, and national parks, as well as other great things to do.
  2. One other popular solo traveler’s destination is Patong, Thailand. It has such a great vibe and you can literally have a good time for days on end. There are some great places to eat and other things to do in this popular part of Phuket, so even if you are on a tight budget you are bound to find a great place to stay while you are on your solo Thailand vacation. There is also a lot of shopping and entertainment to be found here so you can relax and have a great time here in Phuket.
  3. Another popular solo traveler’s destination is Finland. Finland is a country full of beautiful countryside and landscapes, and pretty Finnish women. And although the climate is not great, it is still considered to be a wonderful and welcoming country. One of the most popular cities to visit in Finland is Helsinki, which is considered to be the capital of Finland. Many of the cities in Finland have beautiful old churches and architecture and these are some of the most welcoming and romantic places to visit.
  4. One of the most popular solo female travelers’ destinations is Valenciennes, France. This region is full of old churches and castles. It is also a very welcoming city and Valenciennes is known to be very romantic. Many solo travelers love to spend time in Valenciennes and many of the best destinations in this region include Le Havre, Bordeaux, and Paris. There are also some ancient medieval towns in this region and you can visit these towns and experience the charm and history of these places.

If you want to get away from it all and explore some of the beautiful and unique cultures of Asia, then the island of Chiang Mai alone in Thailand is perfect for you. There are many different cultures and attractions here. Some of the popular destinations to explore in Chiang Mai alone include Si Donchai, Lopburi, The Temple of Dawn, etc. You can even explore these places with your partner or friends!

Best UK and USA Cities to Travel Solo

As a solo traveler, you have the opportunity to explore the world while getting paid for it. You are your own boss and can work when and where you want to. In this solo career, there are many better places to travel solo as a woman. The United States alone has over 500 million dollars in tax revenues going to women working outside the home. One of the best places to travel as a solo professional is New York City. It offers great opportunities and the potential for a lot of fun.

A solo female traveler has the choice of spending her days exploring New York City or partying all night long at one of the many NYC nightclubs. The possibilities are endless. If daytime activities are more your style then spend the evenings at one of the many New York City Hotels such as the Ritz Carlton, Sofitel Times Square, the Fashion House, and finally, the Sheraton New York. These hotels are known for providing clients with world-class customer service and excellent accommodations.

In terms of paying your solo bucks, there is never a dull moment in New York City. The clubs and restaurants provide heavy discounts and special prices at night. If you are planning on a longer vacation then it might be worth considering visiting New York City during the summer months. The weather is wonderful and the weather is very welcoming to a solo female traveler:

  1. Las Vegas is another great place to travel as a solo female traveler. There are several different types of casinos that a solo professional can visit in order to gamble without worrying about paying any extra costs. The entertainment is fantastic and the women who visit Vegas are always looking to get a good deal. There are some really hot spots in Vegas that can be explored by a solo female traveler. This is a prime destination for those who wish to get married and start a family.
  2. San Diego is another great place to travel alone as a female traveler. There are several different attractions that are sure to make any female traveler’s visit memorable. There are also some great female only travel packages available in San Diego. Many of these travel packages include free hotel stays during the entire length of the trip. This can be an extremely valuable feature when it comes to finding the best places to travel solo as a woman.
  3. Chicago is another hot spot when it comes to travel as a solo female professional. This is a popular destination among professionals because it is a dynamic hub for media, business, educational and research-related activities. Chicago has a strong cultural and ethnic background. There are a number of great nightlife and restaurant options available for those wishing to spend their time in Chicago. There are also some awesome day options that provide opportunities for relaxation and fun.
  4. Washington D. C. is another great place to visit as a solo professional who is seeking the best places to travel as a female professional. The city is a beautiful location that provides opportunities for cultural and educational experiences. There are also many interesting museums and galleries in the metropolitan area. There are a number of great sightseeing tours and travel options in the region. D.C. is also home to a large number of prominent politicians and prominent figures from various fields. A female professional could choose to spend her time learning more about political intrigue and historical figures from the District of Columbia area.
  5. London is another popular place for solo female professionals to visit. It is a place where they can experience a variety of activities that will allow them to increase their knowledge and skills. Some of the best places to travel to London as a female professional could include visiting the Tower of London, Hyde Park, and Westminster Abbey. Other great activities that can be taken part in while in London include visiting the London Zoo and Royal Albert Hall.